Who We Are

The AmiTech-Dayton Amiga User Group is a not-for-profit membership organization for Amiga Users new and old.
We just can't get enough Amiga wisdom by ourselves, so we gather monthly for such activities as bragging, learning,
assisting, sharing, and demostrating with other fellow Amigans. Membership dues are $20 to join for a year, and
$10 per year to renew an up-to-date membership. Current members are entitled to access the hardware, hardcopy,
and freely distributable software libraries, as well as receive home delivery of the montly AmiTech-Dayton Gazette
Newsletter. If you wish to contact AmiTech Dayton, you can USPS mail (Snail Mail), and send correspondence to:

AmiTech Dayton User Group
P.O. Box 292684
Kettering, OH 45429-0684


President: Ronald Schwartz Email me here
Vice President: Michael Barclay Email me here
Secetary: Greg Denny Email me here
Treasurer: Phil Longo Email me here
Newsletter Editor: Eric Schwartz Email me here